FIFA 19 Passing Tips And Tricks


When we finally decide to play a game, we all start it with the intention or the hope, of becoming the best at it. Although most of you probably can’t remember the exact then when you actually decided to play FIFA, since it happened for just too long that it simply became part of your life, we can mostly relate to this.

In FIFA 19 it is very important to build up your attacks, pass the ball around until you find enough spaces to score. Forward linear play styles are discouraged by this year’s iteration, the opponent will easily intercept your attacks and make you pay right away with deadly counter-attacks.

Basic passing is very easy in FIFA 19 all you need to do is spam the (X or ▢ or △ / A or X or Y) buttons and choose the direction where. It seems easy on papers but there is a lot more depth to it than it meets the eye. I will cover, in this FIFA 19 passing guide, the basics of passing to give your passing more accuracy.

One touch passing 

Your opponent while defending is always trying to read the game and intercept the ball, it is very hard to get the ball back for your opponent if the ball is never at one player for more than 2/3 seconds. Short fast passing is very effective.

The speed of your passes and strength are determined by how long you hold the pass button, the longer you hold the more speed and strength you will give to your passes. When you want to do short passes or one-two passes, it is recommended to just tap the pass button lightly. Taping the pass button lightly takes little reaction from your passer to make the pass. His animation to do the pass is quicker and his passes the ball quickly, but your receiver should be close to him to receive it.

The one-two passes

These passes have been effective for many years, and this year’s iteration is no different. If you have a player nearby up front, it is recommended to perform the one-two passes to break through defenses, especially against those opponents dropping back the whole game.

Tap the pass while holding L1/LB and the passer will make a run forward. Do not pass it back if a defender follows him, you can then just use him as a decoy and pass it to another teammate. Otherwise, you pass the ball back to him either using (X or ▢ or △ / A or X or Y) and it breaks through defenses.

Through Balls

The through balls have been so overpowered for many years, it is by far the most fun pass in the game.

Any reason to perform the through is a good one, either one of your players is starting a run behind the defense or you made a player run. Through balls are most of the time very effective.

Just hold L1 or LB and tap (△ / Y) in order to chip the ball when you send it past one of your players.

Driven Passes

A very powerful ground pass which is faster than a normal ground pass. This type of pass has better accuracy and are difficult or even impossible to intercept, but your pass receiver needs to put more effort to control it.

You will need to hold RB/R1 when pressing the pass button, these passes are very useful when passing from the wings to the center and you want to make sure your player receives it, you should be aware that it is difficult to control it, make sure your receiver is not marked so that he will have enough space and time to control the ball correctly.


Crossing the ball is a bit of a challenge this year, it’s not difficult to perform the cross itself but it is difficult to make an effective one.

What you should understand here is that your player’s body should in the position that would allow a normal swinging motion that goes with the cross to be easier. You should also make sure you have at least one or two players in the box before crossing the ball.